Creation of a bespoke mosaic entrance flooring

I created as this entrance hall mosaic drawing inspiration from the Art Nouveau taste for ornament. The original sketches were drawn digitally allowing me to experiment with fonts and colour palettes. The design was then transferred onto a mesh, the tiles broken into shape and then carefully glued. The final mosaic was grouted into the entrance to become part of the floor.
Emaux de Briare

The mosaic has been created entirely with Emaux de Briares, a type of mosaic made in France since 1845. The Emaux de Briare knew a great enthusiasm during the Art nouveau movement, as the trend was to ornate and color the entrance and facades of buildings. Nowadays they can still be spotted about on the streets, and its most notorious example might as well be St-Étienne Church in Briare.

Mosaic Esbintz Coline Brun-Naujalis